K. Tarkan Batgün

Lecturer / Halic University
Session Title: Technical Scouting and Data Comparisons


Tagging and coding

Football data formation and analysis

Performance comparisons

Ongoing timeline management



Turkey’s first scouting firm established in 2007 in Istanbul Scouting literature to “the person who brought the concept to Turkey scouting” as our last teacher;

Organizing Europe’s first “International Basic Level Scouting Certificate Program” in 2010, organizing the first training program in this field,

As a trainer for SportsCode analysis and scouting programs in the global football world for 15 years;

Turkey’s first company with 13 years of scouting Scouting bulunarak management company (still);

For 11 years (still) by giving “Performance Analysis” courses at “Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports”;

Working for both programmer and scouting product development with the world leader Wyscout for 10 years (currently);

By giving training seminars on “Football Scouting” in various countries of the world for 9 years (currently);

In the 2013/14 season the first time in Turkey “Scouting Laboratory” of the club Bursaspor configure and set up income-generating bench key players taking part in the project of exploration and entegresyo;

By working on system training and support of SoccerLab, the world leader in 4 years (currently);

3 years Turkey Football Federation on “Live Stream Analysis and Scouting” giving lectures in courses;

In 2018, by establishing the “World’s First Football Technology Incubation Center” guttobizLab and branding @comparisonator @scoutingame and @scoutingscout start ups in an international identity;

He served the global football family.

4 years in his education life, in the Department of Econometrics, Faculty of Economics, Istanbul University, and in “Computer Programming” at Marmara University for one year; and in one semester, he became one of the “experts” on scouting and match analysis of the international football community by combining the training at the Wollongong University MBA program in Australia.

Matthias Ringler

SK Rapid Vienna / Scouting Director
Session Title: Scouting in Rapid Vienna


Internal and external scouting principles in Rapid Vienna club

International Scouting and Interactions

Achievement of the club’s transfer goals and compliance with league rules

Team management


In the Scouting industry for 10 years, Matthias has been running the scouting department for 6 years. During this time he traveled to all continents. He followed many tournaments around the world and saw the best players with his own eyes and reported them for scouting. He assisted Sporting Directors, managers and technical staff for player transfers. With years of experience with the SoccerLab scouting management platform and Wyscout platforms, Matthias also works closely with SciSports and Comparisonator platforms on the numerical and graphical data analysis of the business. Matthias Ringler is a graduate of Innsbruck University, Department of Management and Economics.

Dr. Erkut Söğüt

Lawyer / Sports Law
Session Title: Player management in scouting operations


Systemization and criteria management in recruiting players

Performance management

Choosing the right tool in scouting operation

Continuity and adaptation in scouting


He is known for his passion for education. Söğüt establishes the “Football Player Representatives Training Program” and conducts detailed studies and organizes training programs in order to develop not only the management concept but also the total football industry and become more professional. The second edition of his book “How to Become a Player Representative: The Router”, which he wrote jointly and has no stock, was released again in the summer of 2019. Dr. As Söğüt led private seminars such as “The World of Football Player Representation & Everything in Sports Law” in London; Soccerex, The FBA (Geneva) gave seminars in Mumbai and Miami in 2019. He has been working since Harvard (Business and Law School), University of Southern California (USC), George-Washington University, Dusseldorf University, since the beginning of his career. He has been a guest teacher at various universities in the world such as Kadir Has University. He took place as key speaker in various Soccerex events, and took the lead in the first “Football Agent & Business Summit” held in 2019.

Dr. Söğüt is also the owner of a football agency agency, who has been representing football players worldwide for 15 years such as Mesut Özil, Kieran Gibbs and Robert Pires. The agency also provides services on trade & contract management and legal advice. He takes special care of all the people and organizations he represents, allocates as much time as possible to each player, and also tries to reach the highest capacity by working individually with all their family members. It has become a well-known event in England that the contract negotiated for Mesut Özil in January 2018 is the highest level contract of the Premier League. Dr. Söğüt’s role was not limited to the field. Dr. Mesut Özil is one of the most followed social media players (7th in the world) in the Premier League. It will further enlighten you about the diversity of Özil’s work. These successes have been the basis for his business venture and investment issues and philanthropy.

Doğukan Mavi

Chief Scout / Nike

Session Title: Scouting in Academy Leagues


Scouting systemization plan design and development

Portfolio formation and management

Team coordination and determination of excellence

Ongoing player tracking


Born in 1988 in Istanbul, Doğukan Mavi graduated from Haliç University School of Physical Education and Sports. He is currently continuing his master’s education at Haliç University (Department of Health and Sports). After working as a Physical Education Teacher for a while, he took part in the Scouting team with the support of Tarkan Batgün, who taught during his university years, and as of 2012, he entered the sector with the duties of creating a system for football player representative companies and chief Scout. Within the scope of Mavi’s Scouting, “Competitor Analysis” was among his specialties and he served “Competitor Analysis Coaching” for Denizlispor, Gümüşhanespor and Karagümrük teams respectively. He took part in the “Scouting System Establishment” project team at NIKE in 2015, then gutto since 2017. we on behalf of Scouting “Nike Turkey” within the “Chief Scout” is located on the task. Elite Academy today from the year 2012 in Turkey league has more than 2,000 watched the match itself, he directed the scout team of 5 people, took part in the examination of hundreds of players.

Kjeld Ford

Club Brugge / Recuitment Coordinator

Dirk Schoofs

KRC Genk / Head of Scouting Department

Christian Pavolo

Parma Calcio 1913 / Scouting Coordinator