Supporting Partners


Wyscout, the world’s most used visual technology platform in the football scouting, match and performance analysis industry, has been supporting the development of the football industry since it was born in Italy in 2004; It is an organization that has created the largest football video archive in the world by combining analyzed videos and data of footballers and teams.

More than 2,000 new football matches are uploaded to the platform every week; With analysts encoding more than 2,000 matches, it presents all the match videos by segmenting each part of the game and creates the video statistics reports of all football players. As of the day, over 2000 clubs and thousands of football player representatives use the platform.

The Wyscout platform will support our training program by giving our participants a 2-week Wyscout platform account at the end of the course.


The first start-up application of “World’s First Football Technology Incubator @guttobizLab” “Comparisonator” It was born in Kuzguncuk-Istanbul in 2018. In the football industry, where millions of dollars of critical decisions are sometimes made in a very short time, an application has been created that will help decision-makers take the most correct steps. The Comparisonator platform has created a brand new concept for the global football world by pulling day-to-day player and team comparisons from millions of data in seconds and smartly bringing them to users. Comparisonator went down in history as the first app to use Wyscout data in this way. More than 100 parameters (criteria) belonging to thousands of teams and players can compare in less than 10 seconds. Comparisonator team, which has broken new ground in the world again, has transferred the player you selected to another league with the “Virtual Transfer” feature, It shows the performance data in the country where it plays, together with other players playing in that position in the country you are transferring, and can analyze which rows in which parameters it can take. Now, if the player you are transferring to your country came to your country, which rows in which performance indicators would he take, you have the process in seconds.

As a Turkish brand, Comparisonator, which has recently appeared in the global football industry, is used by many country teams.

Comparisonator platform will support our training program by giving our participants a 2-week Comparisonator platform account at the end of the course.