Personal Data Protection, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Gelibolu Uluslararası Tic., Which built the Scoutingscout platform. Tem and Org. Ltd. It is important that you carefully read the information about how the Scoutingscout training platform processes your personal data before you access and use our platform. This information is provided to help all users who use and will use the Scoutingscout platform to consciously decide to continue using it and explain how their users use their data and personal information. Upon registration and account creation, you accept these terms and confirm that you have read and authorized the Information on how the Scoutingscout platform processes personal data. In this context, We would like to inform you about your rights arising from the Personal Data Protection Law (“Law”) and related legislation. Pursuant to the law, the personal data that users share with our Company in connection with the processing purpose set out below will be stored, stored, modified, reorganized, shared with group companies, program partners and relevant stakeholders within the framework of the purpose set out in this Privacy, Protection of Personal Data and Cookie Policy. It will be transferred to third parties and institutions abroad under the conditions stipulated by the Law, transferred, opened to access, classified and processed in accordance with the regulations enumerated in the Law or related legislation or later.


This information relates only to the Scoutingscout website (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”) and cannot be applied otherwise.


The use of this information regarding the processing of personal data for the purposes of Gelibolu Uluslararasi Tic. Jul. Organ. Ltd. Ltd. Şti (t / a Comparator), head office in Istanbul, İcadiye Caddesi Bicanefendi Sok. No: 4/2 Floor: 1 Kuzguncuk / Istanbul 34674, Turkey address is managed.


Background Information

This information means that we are responsible for deciding how we use the personal data we collect about you, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act, the personal data we hold about you are always made available in the following terms.


Your personal data processed by us and transferred to third parties:


– Your name and your surname

– Your e-mail address

– Your telephone number

– Your address (city / country of residence)

– Your gender

– Your age

– Your IP information

– Your account username and password

– Questionnaire, question etc. for the application. answers


Purpose of processing your personal data:

Fair, legal and transparent use;
Providing you with Scoutingscout services by our company and the service providers it has appointed,
Collection for limited, private purposes only;
Maintaining adequate, relevant and limited information necessary for these purposes;
Keeping it accurate and up to date;
Not to be kept longer than necessary;
Keeping it safe;
Customization in parallel with likes and needs,
Informing program solution partners about campaign and other services
Protection of service security and quality,
Specifying and implementing marketing strategies
Marketing and commercial communication,
Providing after sales services,
To make statistical studies on user habits,
Contract with the user,
It can be processed limitedly for the purpose of conducting market research.

Method and Legal Reason of Personal Data Collection
Your personal data may be collected in accordance with the provisions of the Law through this website and mobile websites or as a result of the transfer of the program partners’ database. If there is no consent and permission obtained by our Company before; Your data can be processed in order to provide the service in accordance with the legal obligation for your personal data, which does not fall under one of the reasons for compliance with the law mentioned in article 5/2 of the Law. In addition to this, it is stated in paragraph 2, “It is clearly foreseen in the law”, “It is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties of the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract” and “Not to harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned,”


Protection of Personal Data, To Whom and For What Purpose the Processed Personal Data Can Be Transferred
Your processed personal data;

Being able to offer products and services,
Infrastructure and other support services,
Development of the services provided,
Creating collaborations, reward programs and business strategies,
In accordance with the legal legislation, it is compulsory to inform the administrative or official authorities,
Scoutingscout platform is subject to special review, audit or merger and acquisition review, change of shareholder structure or transfer of the game to another firm,
For purposes such as conducting commercial activities in line with demands, our Company, our main shareholders and group companies, domestic / foreign subsidiaries or domestic / foreign solution partners with contractual relations, and real or legal private legal entities only have the purposes and can be transferred in line with the limits.

In the transfer of personal data, the explicit consent of the personal data owner is sought, with the exception of the exceptions arising from the Law, the data without the explicit consent of the personal data owner is not transferred. The personal data processed by our company are used for processing purposes only and are kept for the required time associated with processing purposes.


Deleting, Destroying or Anonymizing Your Personal Data
Your personal data processed for the purposes specified in section 2 of the Information Text; When the purpose of processing personal data disappears and in any case, after the completion of the retention periods determined by the relevant legislation, our Company is deleted, its access is restricted, destroyed or anonymized. In cases where the Personal Data is processed for more than one reason or is subject to the provisions regulated in different laws, when all the reasons requiring the processing of the said data are eliminated or the explicit consent given by you is withdrawn, at the rate of the maximum period specified in the relevant law. Afterwards, your personal data is deleted, destroyed or anonymized so that there is no connection with the data owner again.


Rights of Personal Data Owner (pursuant to Article 11 of KVKK)
The platform takes the necessary precautions to protect against unauthorized access to personal data or loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of this information and takes all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal data and takes all necessary precautions. . Although the Platform takes the necessary information security measures, the Platform immediately notifies you and the Personal Data Protection Board if personal data is damaged as a result of the attacks on the website and the system or if it is received by third parties.


In the law, the rights of personal data owners are summarized as follows:

Learning whether personal data is processed,
If personal data is processed, requesting information about it,
Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose,
To know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred domestically or abroad,
In the event that personal data are incomplete or incorrectly processed, to request their correction and to notify the third parties to whom the personal data is transferred,
Despite being processed in accordance with the Law and other relevant legislative provisions, to request the deletion or destruction of personal data in case the reasons requiring its processing disappear and to inform the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred,
To object to the emergence of a result against the person by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
Requesting the elimination of the damage in case the personal data is damaged due to the illegal processing of personal data.

Changes to the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy
The Platform may make changes to this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy at any time. These changes take effect immediately upon the introduction of the new, modified Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy on the Site.


Applicable Law, Competent Courts And Enforcement Offices
This site Terms of Use and Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy of the Republic of Turkey is subject to the Act. In the event of any dispute or dispute claim or request regarding the matters contained herein, Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.


The Final Judgment
Users / Users, customers, visitors, employee candidates, business partners, read the Site Terms of Use and the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, comply with all the above mentioned issues, the content of the website and all electronic media belonging to the Platform and They have accepted, declared and undertaken as irrevocable that computer records will be considered as definitive evidence in accordance with Article 193 of the Civil Procedure Law.


You may submit your request regarding the exercise of your rights specified in the Law to our Company by written or other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.


In order for the personal data owner to benefit from the rights stated in Article 11 of the Law, he / she requests their requests in accordance with the Application Communiqué;

1- A wet signed copy of the petition containing the request, along with a document that will provide identification, will be sent to “Gelibolu Uluslararasi Tic. Jul. Organ. Ltd. Ltd. Şti, head office in Istanbul, İcadiye Caddesi Bicanefendi Sok. No: 4/2 Floor: 1 Kuzguncuk / Istanbul 34674, Turkey “by presenting in person at the address,

2- By signing the petition with “secure electronic signature” defined in Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, by sending it to [email protected] via Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) or

3- It can be made by e-mail to [email protected] by the Personal Data Owner, which has been previously reported to Scoutingscout and registered in Scoutingscout’s system.



By accepting this Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Message Permit, your personal data, which you consent to be shared with us, can be provided and presented to you with various advantages, and all kinds of physical and electronic communication and other communication messages for your advertising, sales, marketing, survey and similar purposes. in order to be sent; You have given permission to collect, store, process, use and transfer. These personal data, for the same purposes; “Gelibolu Uluslararasi Tic. Jul. Organ. Ltd. Ltd. Şti ”“ ScoutingScout ”will be shared with all its subsidiaries and affiliates with third parties in the country and / or abroad with whom we have a contractual relationship. In addition, this information can only be provided to the services to be provided to you perfectly, ScoutingScout has the same legal and technical responsibilities with which we have a contractual relationship with us in terms of data protection and security so that you can benefit from the services and advantages provided by the group companies and program partners to which ScoutingScout is affiliated, and to ensure that our notifications are delivered on time by phone, sms, e-mail and other electronic communication. will only be shared with third parties who comply with the relevant Legislation provisions. ScoutingScout will take all necessary measures to safely store such personal data in accordance with Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and to prevent unauthorized access and unlawful data processing. If you want to get your Commercial Electronic Communication permission, you can use the method you give permission (sms, e-mail, website and other procedures) you can submit this request to ScoutingScout. After your notification is duly sent to us, only information and posts regarding ScoutingScout will be shared with you.


Contact information: Gelibolu Uluslararasi Tic. Jul. Organ. Ltd. Sti

Address: Icadiye Caddesi Bicanefendi Sok. No: 4/2 Kat: 1, Kuzguncuk / Istanbul, 34674

Phone: 0-216-3439669


Before accessing and using the ScoutingScout platform, it is important to carefully read the Information about how ScoutingScout processes your personal data. This information is provided to help all users make an informed decision to use or continue using ScoutingScout and to explain how ScoutingScout uses its users’ data and personal information.


You agree to the ScoutingScout Terms of Service ( upon registration and account creation, and you confirm that you have read the information about how ScoutingScout processes personal data and also give your consent to ScoutingScout to process your personal information.


This Information is only related to ScoutingScout’s website (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”) and cannot be applied otherwise.


For the purposes of this Information regarding the processing of personal data, “ScoutingScout” Gelibolu Uluslararasi Tic. Jul. Organ. Ltd. Ltd. Şti head office İstanbul, İcadiye Caddesi Bicanefendi Sok. No: 4/2 Floor: 1 Kuzguncuk / Istanbul 34674, Turkey belongs in the company addresses.


Data controller

Data controller Gelibolu Uluslararası Tic. Jul. Organ. Ltd. Ltd. Şti and İstanbul, İcadiye Caddesi Bicanefendi Sok. No: 4/2 Floor: 1 Kuzguncuk / Istanbul 34674, Turkey is located at the address


When accessing the ScoutingScout Platform for the first time, you must create your own account by disclosing your personal information; just for example: name, surname, e-mail address, phone number and team information you hold can be found. After completing the registration form, by clicking on [I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy], you consent to the processing of your personal data and information collected during the registration and account creation process by ScoutingScout. It is important that you carefully read the information about how ScoutingScout processes your personal data before clicking I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.


Disclosure of your personal information is required for the above mentioned purposes and you cannot use ScoutingScout and the services provided on the Platform unless you give such consent.


With your consent, ScoutingScout will be able to process newsletters and commercial offers by processing your personal data, especially your e-mail address. Disclosing your personal data for this purpose is not necessary to allow you to use ScoutingScout’s services, but if you do not give your consent, you will not receive information that may interest you. When creating your account, you can allow your personal data to be processed for the above purpose by selecting the option you want (“Yes” or “No”).


When choosing, please note that you can always cancel your consent to commercial communication from ScoutingScout by writing to [email protected] or following the procedure described in the received communication text.


Whatever you choose, please note that ScoutingScout will always send a message whenever there is a significant change in the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.


Personal information of third parties

What you share with ScoutingScout with your account may also include third parties’ personal information.


ScoutingScout does not collect and process different personal information from the information collected directly from its users upon registration and account creation, but users accessible by other ScoutingScout users who can access the reserved space on the other platform that you share with your account may collect and use content that you may share third parties’ personal information.


ScoutingScout is not responsible for illegal processing of personal information of any third party or for the processing of such data by another user. Regarding third party personal data provided by you, you must have obtained the necessary permissions from the person concerned in accordance with KVKK and relevant legal legislation. In the event that a loss occurs due to the transfer of this data to ScoutingScout without the explicit consent of the relevant data owner or to the processing of the ScoutingScout database, Gelibolu Uluslararası Tic. Jul. Organ. Ltd. The right of recourse is reserved due to loss.


Personal information about payments

Through the platform, you can purchase packages of the services provided by ScoutingScout in accordance with the applicable Turkish legislation and ScoutingScout Terms of Use []; The price of these packages can be paid by bank transfer or credit card.


It will collect and process data for billing and transaction purposes to process payments made by you in connection with the purchase of packages offered by ScoutingScout on the platform.


Disclosure of your personal information is necessary for the purpose stated above, and if you fail to do so, you cannot use ScoutingScout and purchase service packs offered by ScoutingScout on the Platform.


Data storage

Your personal data secure servers localized within the European Union and Turkey, and stored procedures with computerized databases and processed. For security reasons, user data will be backed up regularly.


ScoutingScout is committed to taking all necessary precautions to protect the personal information collected and to ensure that the processing of personal information is strictly in accordance with the applicable Turkish legislation.


Please note that your account is protected with the password you provided when registering and creating an account on the Platform. You are solely responsible for the security of your password, and you should be careful and keep it secret and strictly confidential.


Data communication and transmission

Your personal data collected and processed by ScoutingScout will be made accessible only to the topics that will be assigned to process such data. Your personal data can be disclosed in the following categories:


Companies controlled, controlled or jointly controlled by ScoutingScout or its affiliates.


ScoutingScout provides services to ScoutingScout or other companies under control or by ScoutingScout or ScoutingScout, whose personal information is controlled by ScoutingScout or its affiliates.


The subject categories mentioned above are made only on behalf of ScoutingScout, providing complementary and indispensable services required for the use of the platform, as well as full compliance with the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy and Turkish legislation.


ScoutingScout will not disclose personal information collected from you, except as noted above.



You can use your rights at any time by writing to [email protected] as explained above. At the same email address you use within the platform, you can request any clarification regarding the processing of personal data or ScoutingScout Privacy Policy, as well as deletion of personal data.


Changes and updates regarding the processing of personal data

The above-mentioned information about the processing of personal data can always be changed and / or updated. ScoutingScout will notify you when important changes are made to the processing of personal data by e-mail. Essentially, you should periodically check your Privacy Policy located at ScoutingScout can change, correct and / or remove any information on this website at any time, without the need for prior notice and / or notice.