Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the training program?

– Coaches (Especially Youth Development Leagues)

– Football players (who have already played football or played in the past) Scouts

– Coaches Association Members

– GSGM Squads

– Sports Reporters

– Sports Photographers

– Sports Cameramen

– Sports TV Program Producers

– Anyone who is interested in football and wants to improve themselves in scouting.

What Is The Fee?

University students & lecturers – 600 TL (20 euro discount) including 20% ​​discount VAT TÜFAD member coaches – 600 TL (90 euro equivalent) including 20% ​​discount VAT Press

Football industry employees – 600 TL (90 euro equivalent with 20% discount VAT)

Other: 800 TL including VAT (120 Euro equivalent)

Is there an exam in the training program?
Yes. A test of 30 questions will be administered at the end of the day.
What is the passing exam grade?

There is no passing grade. However, all results will be evaluated over 100 and will be written on the certificate.

When will I receive my certificate of participation?

Your certificate will be delivered to you at the end of the day you complete the course.

Who is organizing the Training Program?
Training program Gelibolu International Trade Representation & Organization Ltd. Sti. (guttobizLab) organizes
How long is the elementary education?

The duration of the training program is 8 hours. Since it will be done in an interactive environment, the time can be extended.

How many levels are there?

After the first level of the training program, advanced levels will be organized according to the demand.

Who is organizing the Training Program?

Training program Gelibolu International Trade Representation & Organization Ltd. Sti. (guttobizLab) organizes

What are the payment options?
You can pay by EFT / Money Order method.
What are the points to pay attention to when paying a fee?

In money order or EFT payments, please write your name in the explanation section. Your membership will be activated when you send your e-mail to [email protected] Your invoice will be given to you at the end of the training with your certificate. You can call 0216-3439669 or send an e-mail to [email protected] for cancellation or refund of the wrong or repeated transactions.

Is there a situation in which the clubs or managers see and enter the training program?

The list of our trainees participating in the training programs in the Scout DB section of the training program site will be included if they accept them. Teams and managers who want to contact our trainees can contact our participants by contacting guttobizLab.

I am a footballer representative. What is the benefit of participating in this course for me?

Transfers are now made in brand new ways. Players are no longer bought and sold with the best selected images seen from the tapes. Many of the clubs have scouting departments. The vast majority of these departments use player monitoring platforms. Therefore, teams can now watch all the game views of the players they want to buy. On these platforms, all match images can show all the movements of the players one by one, scouts can instantly make performance evaluations. Today, FIFA licensed player representatives now have to learn and even apply these technologies. Now a trend that has to be made by comparing player data has started. The figures are completely in the event. In this, they need to recognize the scouting operation and understand it at least as much as the buyers, so that they do not fall behind from this system. The representatives of the football players who will attend the course will become professional in the following subjects: • THINKING like the coaches, • PREPARING the best player presentations using the best and most common world technologies, • COMMUNICATION established with statistical reports with figures and images, • REFLECT the real performance of the players, PERFECTLY OPERATE, • OPPORTUNITIES for the future deal with other player managers.

I am a coach / trainer candidate. Why should I take this course?

Coaches who can make the best selection of players bring success to their teams. Today, there are no big differences between teams anymore. The use of technology in football has reached incredible dimensions. The reason is to make better reviews by making a difference and to prove to the players what is right and what is wrong. Players now choose to watch the match in world standards consistently across platforms and thus both a necessity to follow players from Turkey abroad. The Wyscout platform does this job. And that’s why it’s one of the support partners of our Wyscout course. Scouting science in Turkey unfortunately still not understood the situation. It is necessary to learn the world standards and understand the basics of this business. Computer technologies have an important place in Scouting operation. Comparisonator platform is used in our course. The technical staff, whose targets are large, should now learn the operations in European standards so that we can export coaches, coaches, and scouts to Europe. If we can be integrated into these systems, we will have the opportunity to serve the famous teams who are looking for scouts from abroad. Coaches / coaches who will attend the course will be informed on the following topics: • TO LEARN the most common, most practical and easily understood scouting principles in the international environment, • TO KNOW the system to choose the best player in the easiest way, • KNOW what to expect from a scout, • Long-term player monitoring system RECOGNIZING the football team hierarchy, • MAKING perfect CHOICES by making the best decisions about footballers,

I am the manager. Why should I join the scouting certificate program?

In our country, the practice-oriented and football-based training programs of football industry are not common for our managers. Transfers are also usually done using traditional methods. Now, with the learning of the world-class scouting processes while making transfers, the time of accurate transfers has begun. Since the world is in a crisis environment, the transfer trends are about finding players at a young age and earning income by marketing these players to big clubs according to the club’s condition. Scouting also carries a system that regulates the outward sale of players. How our executives are doing better transfers, the mechanism of reflecting the stars inside out, They will see how scouts and scouting departments work and what they do on a daily basis. managers will participate in the course will be informed about the following topics: • Effect on the success of scoutluk institution in transfers International, • LEARNED OF Scouts and scouting departments working conditions, • Statistical and INVESTIGATION video scout reports • Foreign transfers standards INTEGRATION Turkey.

I'm an academic. Why should I attend this course?

The ‘Alayli’ ‘Mektepli’ conflict between academics and football players was actually one of the global problems of football. Because, apart from very developed countries, being a football player and getting a university education was a very difficult event. However, the use of computers and technology has started to increase significantly in total football operation in the world. This led academics to get more into football, especially in Europe. Academicians of our country, too, need to comprehend the scouting procedures that manage the European standards talent selection event in order to work together with football based technical staff and managers in even better environments. If Turkey is based, university-based transfer medium so that they engage in professional football, we see that they even stayed away. However, if academicians know better their player managers and transfer procedures and follow scouting principles closely, they will gain a profit for our total country football. Therefore, we believe that it is an essential need for academicians to attend our courses. They also need to introduce themselves to the technical staff from foreign countries by networking internationally and to make their talents noticed. attend a course academics will benefit in the following topics: • Total Scouting operation of a scientific eye followed by practical training on INTEGRATED of, • LEARNED OF Scouts and scouting departments working conditions, • Statistical and INVESTIGATION video scout reports • Foreign transfer standard of INTEGRATION to Turkey • The most common in the international environment,

I am a student. Why should I attend this course?

In the global football world, which is constantly changing and advancing technologically, especially students who graduate from the Physical Education and Sports Departments (BESYO) of universities are frequently encountered. When European trends are analyzed, it is observed that this group of students started to take part in scout teams frequently. Learn when Turkey is being monitored at the base technology is extremely susceptible to a younger generation grows. However, in parallel with this, it is understood the fact that especially high-level technical staff are in a position opposite to the technology position. This creates a gap between generations. For this reason, it is very important for our BESYO students, who will be our sportive teachers and football coaches in the future, to learn the basics of the scout establishment that manages the talent selection as a student. The fact that our young friends who study at BESYOs also meet with technical staff and executives from abroad at an early age will open their horizons and help them enter a more beneficial position for their students. Therefore, they constitute the audience we want to see the most in our courses. Students attending the course will benefit from the following topics: • You will learn how Scouting science is made in the world, • Your CV will be STRENGTHEN, • You will INCREASE INCREASED IN YOUR CAREER, • IT WILL BE EASY to find a job abroad, because you have an internationally approved certificate of participation, • How to choose your talent. • You will gain momentum by understanding the combination of technology and computer use with football.

Is Scout profession group? What is its significance?

Yes, scout is a professional group in the world. This institution constitutes the most important profession after being a technical director in the advanced countries of the world. However, all technical staff improves themselves by participating in scout certificate programs. Because coaches who learn what scouting really means will have the ability to choose the best scouts in this way, they will succeed in individual player scouting and sign successful transfers. Making talent selection within a system and with the highest technological programs, advancing with computer support in the long term is directly related to the sportive development of a country. In short, its importance is huge.

Why should I join this training program?

Just as the FIFA licensed football manager managing the transfer business is bound to a standard, in the very near future they will have to enter a standard in scouts that manage player tracking and talent discovery programs. As the first starting point of this standard, we recommend participating in this training program.

Can I get the certificate if someone else applied for membership?

No, you cannot. The certificate is given only to the person applying for the member. For this reason, the person who receives the certificate must apply.