Accrediting Partners

Turkish Football Federation

Turkish Football Federation , 23 April 1923 established, Turkey from conducting football activities, the development of football and to spread throughout the country, to make any kind of regulation on these issues is the competent authority to decisions and implement. Within the scope of the International Scouting Training Program Coach Development Seminars, TFF has been accredited by TFF for 6 credits.


It develops solutions in information and communication technologies for professional football clubs and federations. SoccerLAB provides this support through different modules:

  • Video analysis and image management module,
  • Scouting management module,
  • Player performance and statistics management module,
  • Health module,
  • Personal and group training module,
  • Portfolio scheduling module

Vehicles on sustainable clubs in different departments to interact with the soccerlab aimed at improving and that Turkey is making markets work and their IT development through guttobizlab. SoccerLAB, which is thought to have resulted from the ashes of Belgian football; It became the world leader in its field by applying the systematization foundations of football for the first time in Europe and by building the ‘Football Team Management Panel’ technology. Besiktas and Fenerbahce in Turkey Soccerlab is currently used on many modules.

If the scouts or managers working in the teams among the participants want, the Soccerlab platform will be configured free of charge for a 3-month trial period.


The world’s first football technologies incubation center was founded in 2018 in Istanbul. GuttobizLab, which has a solution partnership with world-renowned structures such as Belgian Soccerlab, Italian sports industry incubator Wylab, has been a competitor and football competitor data training game “scoutiNgame”, which has been a football player and team comparison application to the world market for a short time like two years since its establishment. ”Developed. The start-up portfolio “scoutingscout” full course program also adds centers, starting from Turkey training program in a PROJEKTE will carry the world on all countries has already begun, but also to investigate both enterprises and start-ups related to football in both the motto of being an investor.

guttobiz Scouting

It is the creator and practitioner of the “International Foundation Level Scouting Certificate Program” concept, which was launched in Europe for the first time in 2010. Turkey’s first scouting firm “Gallipoli International Trade Representative and the Organization Ltd. Şti ‘s scouting service arm, the organization was established in 2007 in Istanbul. To hundreds of domestic and foreign companies and football player representatives; part of the service providers to scouting services industry that guttobiz Scouting, 2010-11-12 and 13 years in his scouting certification courses a scout to the scouting industry, the chief scout, match analyst and has given sporting director and both in Turkey this industry, both in Europe He made many seminars and projects to gain momentum in.